Five Books up at

Yes, folks, I have Five books up at now. In the next few weeks, a sixth book will be up there. The five books are: 444-Holiness Revisited, Advanced Christianity, Shall I Pray or Watch TV?, Forkless in Kowloon and God Is a Poem.

444: Holiness Revisited audiobook cover art444-Holiness Revisited is a modern “Pilgrim’s Progress” as one reviewer described it. It acquaints readers to the deep and effective Holiness movement of yesteryear. It is available as a print book, Kindle, and I narrated it myself for at a little over 4 hours.


Advanced Christianity audiobook cover art

Advanced Christianity is a few minutes short of 8 hours long. It was narrated by John White and his talent doing narration is about as good as it gets. He has an amazingly smooth voice. This book is available as a print book, a Kindle book, and as an audio-book at A true Christian already knows in his or her heart  what’s involved with following Jesus’ teachings but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded again.

Shall I Pray or Watch TV? audiobook cover artRussell Newton narrated Shall I Pray or Watch TV? and did a fine job. This 2 3/4 hour audible book takes you on a journey through the history of TV with author commentary on a Christian’s place in the symbiotic relationship of TV programming and commercials, news, etc. It is available as a print book, a Kindle, and an audio-book.


Forkless in Kowloon audiobook cover art

Forkless in Kowloon, which I narrated myself, is the actual journal I kept of my journey to China  in 1997 to adopt my 22 month old daughter, Luan Man Lian (now Kristina Spears). I hope it is a funny, dramatic, and emotional journey for you, too. It is also available as a print book, a Kindle book and audio-book that only takes two hours to listen to.

God Is a Poem audiobook cover art

God Is a Poem is 101 poems served with amazingly appropriate instrumentals that enhance the emotional perception and make the poem come alive. I narrated this nearly five hour experience which is difficult to describe but one you will not forget. To hear the music, you must get the audio-book. It is also available as a print book.


Coming soon (in the next few weeks) is Eva Zarley’s tragic story of life with her first husband, All That Can Be Shaken. Holly Ojeda does a good job narrating it. Again, this won’t be available for a while.

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I'm an avid reader (but I read more than just "avids"). My wife and I are Christian songwriters and book writers as well. I will TRY to have a blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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