Our Carnal Voice

Our carnal voice is loud. VERY LOUD. God’s voice is soft, subtle, it has no need to shout because the truth is always true and it never needs to defend itself. Our carnal voice thinks it needs to be loud and aggressive because, deep down, we know we are pushing it, fighting against the goads, going against the grain, making our own truth. We, therefore, need to apply a coating of temporary self-assurance paint to our statement in order to convince others, but mostly to convince ourselves, that what WE say is true. And we’re sticking to it.

God’s Voice is a still, small voice

The Bible says that God’s voice is a “still, small voice” but that doesn’t mean it is a weak voice. Not at all. It just has no need to prove its strength at all. God knows that our carnal voice will eventually be redirected His way because ultimately there is only one way. Our carnal voice, meanwhile, whines and blubbers and strains and jostles and condemns and whittles away at the truth or shoves the truth way into the back of our minds in a drawer marked “Irrelevant” where it can be forgotten but only temporarily.

We can never push God’s voice out of our lives completely. It is His life that keeps us going. Daily we breathe His air, daily we see His beauty all around us, daily we choose to dwell on His life or the appearance of death and destruction running rampant on this earth. We need His assurance embedded deeply into our minds so that as we look out from our vantage point, we see the Truth, instead of a deceptive appearance of truth, we perceive accurately instead of falsely, we have hearts filled with God’s eternal joy instead of hearts depressed with nothing to beat for or even live for.

Our voice, built on layer upon layer of carnal sight, “evolved” over God’s quiet but massive Truth. We try to bury God’s massive Truth with our own shabbily built truth but we can never completely shut out God. Our voice is pathetic and way off course.

How can we get back on course? How can we hear God’s Truth over the 1,000,000 decibels the world’s truth shouts at us? This is why God sent Jesus to us. This is why Jesus sent the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, into this world so that the layers of false skins might be peeled back and discarded so that we might be guided back through this maze of the world, back into the arms of God Almighty where fear is no longer real, where negative emotions are no longer aroused, where “Thy Kingdom Come” has actually come.

I put up a poem today entitled “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Kingdom Come“. Please watch it. It goes perfectly with this blog today.

Published by: godminer

I'm an avid reader (but I read more than just "avids"). My wife and I are Christian songwriters and book writers as well. I will TRY to have a blog every week.

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